Jul 28, 2014

Waterproof Makeup

So since it´s summer you probly be going to the pool or the beach alot. Apart from this you are sweating and your face is very disgusting and gross( Ok I should probly stop talking..) So my ponit is: If you don´t want your makeup to drown downwards on your face, you´ve got to use waterproof makeup.
But with the fact that it´s summer, light makeup is like essential. I hate putting on a ton of makeup when it´s hot, cause your face just gets super cakey.
But this is what I used on a hot day when I went to the pool.

If you want a makeup tutorial on my channel let me know :)
What do you guys wear to the pool?

Jul 19, 2014

OOTD#3- Why I love Sales aka. The Overall


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I wanted to have one of these cool rompers/overalls for a lifetime. But I couldn´t find any which were´nt to expensive. But one lucky day I went shopping with a friend of mine and found this long overall in Pimpkies sale section. It was reduced from 40 Bucks to 7 !!! This was a crazy deal!I was flashed and my hand automaticly went to my purse and my credit card. 
I filmed an OOTD video for you, so you can see it "in action". 
Please let me know what you think about my idea of cutting those into shorts :)

Jul 15, 2014

"Worth the Hype?" #3- Maybelline Rocket Mascara


People have been raving about this mascara since last summer, and as a "slow-burn" at hypes, I just recently got it. And now I wanted to tell you if it´s still worth all the fuss :)

Since I got it in France, I got it for 4 bucks less!!! So I think the price is okay for what you get out of it. The consistency is quite thick, much thicker than the "Collossal Volume" mascara. It really gives you massive lashes! But you have to be careful, cause they get spidery very easily. So brush through them several times to get rid of all the clumps. At first I thought the brush was quite bad, but it´s actually ok. The  bristles are quite short. So I though of using the "Collossal Volume"´s brush instead. But I havn´t tried yet.

Creates great lashes!
Worth the price!

Gets clumpy easily

In the end, I think it´s a great mascara, which thickens your lashes like crazy! But the "Collossal Volume" was just as great in my opinion. So I think, the"Rocket Mascara" isn´t exactly worth the hype, but Maybelline´s mascaras in general totally are!!!

Thanks for reading