Oct 14, 2012

Frankfurt Book Fair

Hello sweeties <3
 Here are, as we promised, the photos from Germany and the book fair: 

Maybe I´ll post some more soon,
til then... yeah those should be enough ; D
See ya :3

Oct 12, 2012


Heey  ;D
Today  Abby was in schoolband practise and, yeah I think  I did nothing :)
Tomorrow we are in Germany, we´re going to visit my aunt there, and she wants  to take  us to Frankfurt to go to the FBM (= Frankfurter Book Fair, in german its "Messe" so there is an M)  and we´re really looking forward to it :3 
Our plane starts in 2 hours so we have to go now
Byeeeeee : D


Oct 11, 2012


Hey cutieees <3
Today was a regular school day with choir afterwards.
But I think every day has something special^^
So heres the first  poetry post:

Lies are maybe black 
Hope is mabye white
The moon is maybe bright
But I know i need a snack! : D

Hope ya like it <3
 See ya : 3
PS.: I think I really need something to eat now : /

~ Abby~

Oct 4, 2012

How to make a Marble cake

Hello again ^^
I made a marble cake and I wantet to post a instruction.
So.. here is it ;) Have fun!

You need:

4 eggs
8 oz butter
1 sachet vanilla sugar
16 oz flour
1 sachet baking powder
a bit milk
4-5 tbsp cocoa

1.: Mix the sugar with the eggs, the vanilla sugar and the butter until well combined:


2.: Now add the flor, the baking powder and the milk an mix it again:


3.: Divide the batter into two equal parts and add the cocoa powder to one of them and mix it: 


4.: Grease a cake pan and put the light batter into the pan. Cover with the dark batter and marble it with a fork:

5.: Bake at 347°F for 1 hour:

Now it´s ready =D

Enjoy! ♥

Oct 3, 2012


Hi at all :3

Hmm.. What´s to tell?
Abby hasn´t finished her minihat yet, but she´s working on it^^
I´m sewing on a panda and I´ll add a picture too if it is ready =)

Love and greetings ♥,


Oct 2, 2012


Hey my sweetes,
Today its was very sunny and boy, way to warm!
I bought some lace to sew a cute minihat, I´ll post a photo of it when its done : D

 See ya : 3
~ Abby~

Oct 1, 2012


Hi everyone!
Today it was a normal day. School is out and I don´t know what to do..
Abby is outside with the dogs and i should cook. Maybe I´ll make pasta ;)
I look forward to saturday^^