Nov 13, 2012


Hi dearies <333

Seems like the cold part of the year at least is starting ^^
So it´s time for scarves ,knitwear,and so on..
But honestly...LOOOVE IT <3333
Scarves are great but they aren´t very cheap, so my recommendation is : Make them on your own ^^ It maybe takes some time but it´s definitely worth

This ones are by me :

See ya : D
~ Abby~ 

Oct 14, 2012

Frankfurt Book Fair

Hello sweeties <3
 Here are, as we promised, the photos from Germany and the book fair: 

Maybe I´ll post some more soon,
til then... yeah those should be enough ; D
See ya :3

Oct 12, 2012


Heey  ;D
Today  Abby was in schoolband practise and, yeah I think  I did nothing :)
Tomorrow we are in Germany, we´re going to visit my aunt there, and she wants  to take  us to Frankfurt to go to the FBM (= Frankfurter Book Fair, in german its "Messe" so there is an M)  and we´re really looking forward to it :3 
Our plane starts in 2 hours so we have to go now
Byeeeeee : D


Oct 11, 2012


Hey cutieees <3
Today was a regular school day with choir afterwards.
But I think every day has something special^^
So heres the first  poetry post:

Lies are maybe black 
Hope is mabye white
The moon is maybe bright
But I know i need a snack! : D

Hope ya like it <3
 See ya : 3
PS.: I think I really need something to eat now : /

~ Abby~

Oct 4, 2012

How to make a Marble cake

Hello again ^^
I made a marble cake and I wantet to post a instruction.
So.. here is it ;) Have fun!

You need:

4 eggs
8 oz butter
1 sachet vanilla sugar
16 oz flour
1 sachet baking powder
a bit milk
4-5 tbsp cocoa

1.: Mix the sugar with the eggs, the vanilla sugar and the butter until well combined:


2.: Now add the flor, the baking powder and the milk an mix it again:


3.: Divide the batter into two equal parts and add the cocoa powder to one of them and mix it: 


4.: Grease a cake pan and put the light batter into the pan. Cover with the dark batter and marble it with a fork:

5.: Bake at 347°F for 1 hour:

Now it´s ready =D

Enjoy! ♥

Oct 3, 2012


Hi at all :3

Hmm.. What´s to tell?
Abby hasn´t finished her minihat yet, but she´s working on it^^
I´m sewing on a panda and I´ll add a picture too if it is ready =)

Love and greetings ♥,


Oct 2, 2012


Hey my sweetes,
Today its was very sunny and boy, way to warm!
I bought some lace to sew a cute minihat, I´ll post a photo of it when its done : D

 See ya : 3
~ Abby~

Oct 1, 2012


Hi everyone!
Today it was a normal day. School is out and I don´t know what to do..
Abby is outside with the dogs and i should cook. Maybe I´ll make pasta ;)
I look forward to saturday^^


Sep 30, 2012


 Hey, here´s our first fashionpost!
Haily is on the right pic and I´m on the left.

What I´m wearing:                          
T-Shirt: Tally Weijl                                  What Haily is wearing:
Trousers: Tally Weijl                                Sweatshirt:Tally Weijl
Hat: Bijou Brigitte                                    Trousers: Tally Weijl
Sweater: H&M                                           Scarf: Madonna
Shoes: Converse Chucks

Hope you like it ^^ 
See ya next time ♥ 
~ Abby~

Sep 29, 2012

Welcome ♥

Welcome to our new Blog!!! 

Hey everybody out there,
My name is Abby and my little sister Haily, who is going to admin this blog too, is sitting next to me.
If you´ve got time, please check out our daily blogs about Fashion
 (!Dont miss our style specials!), How to........´s, literature 
(like books n´poetry), miscellaneous stuff
aaaaand our band diary!!! 
Yes, you can read a weekly report about how we get forward (with every embarrassing detail!). And maybe we upload some soundfiles soon =)  
Love & Greetings
 Abby n´Haily ♥