Oct 19, 2014

Getting stuff done

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So I´m just saying it : I have a problem with getting sh!t done.
Especially lately. The new school year had arrived and had hit me like a train. I´m mostly buried in assignments and worries about my Youtube. So I´ve simply being rejecting my blog, and I´m very sorry for doing that. Even thought I don´t expect anyone to care, because my blog isn´t small. It´s almost non-existent. But I´m writing this anyways, just to keep you non-existing readers up.
My Youtube and my personal life have been worrying me alot recently. I guess none of you knew, but I´m suffering from BPD, a personality disorder, which makes me feel scared of being rejected. This has been a problem for me, because my relationship has been suffering from it. Also it stresses me out when I´m in school. 
Fortunately, I did not recieve any hate on Youtube yet, which honestly suprises me a lot. But things have been going well with it, even though I put a lot of pressure on myself, to upload my videos on time. And I´m running out of time,ideas or motivation for periods, which makes it even more difficult. I´m not complaining about anything really. I just wanted you guys to know that I haven´t been neglecting my blog because of lazyness. I don´t think I ever postet anything very personal related like this on my blog, so bare with me if you´re not into my life updates.

Anything happy-ish?

Well- I have gotten a piercing for my 16th birthday(btw I´m 16 yaay). It´s an Anti Tragus and I´ve been loving it a lot.

My obsession on journalism have flamed up again, after watching the reacent episode of AWKWARD - one of my favourite shows. I guess to not become rejected by College, just like Jenna in the series, I have to really start  with getting my crap done and learning things I don´t want to know and which will probly be nonsense in my memory. Maths.

Also, the fifth season of Misfits is now legally watchable on the internet, which made my heart jump. I already watched half of it, and I´m really looking forward to go on with that.

At the moment, I am reading "50 Shades Of Grey", and to be honest, so far i´ve been really liking it. They could have skipped some scenes, because I´m more into the story than the dirty details. I think it´s interesting to observe the mood swings of Mr. Grey and to find out the reasons for his sick need to control and how it´s slowly slipping away because of shy Anastasia. However, most of my friends have been reading it lately. I´m two thirds trough it.

I hope you didn´t mind me writing over my life instead of fashion or beauty related things for once. Thank you all for reading and/or caring.


Aug 28, 2014

My Youtube || sophiedoesrandomstuff

I started doing Youtube videos when I was in fifth grade-5 years ago. But I stopped doing videos, because I thought people would make fun of me(which they apparently did).
Within the years, I started and stopped a few times again. But, since I´ve had this blog for two years, which means I´ve been putting myself on the internet anyways, I finally and absolutely started my Youtube again, with the intetion of not caring about what other people think! 

I´m doing fashion/beauty/random lifestyle stuff- related videos :D My channel is called: sophiedoesrandomstuff  because, well I´m doing pretty random stuff^^.

It would be an honor to me, if you would check it out, or eventually subscribe ^^.

Thanks a lot 

Aug 16, 2014

Street Art//Skaters

Berlin is ful of colorful paintings on walls and layers and layers of stickers. In my opinion this isn´t supposed to be illegal. It´s a beautiful kind of putting your art in the world and gives the great opportunity to get people to look at it.
I hope you enjoy the few pics I shoot when I visited Berlin :D
That´s all for my Berlin series, you can find my Vlog on my Youtube channel 

Aug 11, 2014

Taking over Berlin

On sunday the 10th of August, I arrived in the capital of this loevly country called Germany. I went with my mum, and like a typical adult, she wanted to visit the "Typical sights" first. I wanted to see them too, even though I would rather climb a roof and watch artists. But, well, here you have some pictures of the "Brandenburger Tor", the "Fernsehturm" and the "Reichstag". We didn´t go into the Reichstag, because you ahd a two hour long waiting time in the endless qeue. But maybe on wednesday, we´ll try again.
I liked the Brandenburger Tor alot, even though there were loads of people. It was pretty big, way bigger than I though I would be. But since the weather way very nice, I could take some great photos.

After visiting "Tourist Berlin" I wanted to see a little bit of the other parts this city had. Berlin is a city for hipsters. Loads of people who are dressed very indie walk around the graffitied streets. I love this grunge atmosphere a lot. I would dress indie if I could, and if it would suit me. Maybe I´ll do a post on grunge looks soon.
Since we live in Kreuzberg, the alternate borough of Berlin, we have a lot of awesome street art around. I´ll do a whole post on this either.
In most of the souvenirshops you can get huuge posters of the famous graffities. And let me tell you : They´re pretty amazing. I couldn´t take a photo of them, copyright you know, but if you google " Berlin street art" you´ll find the most famous ones. I personally like the one with the ATAT´s fom Star Wars.

Stay tuned for the next part of my "Berlin series"

Aug 4, 2014

Black n´White from a different angle

After cutting my long overall into a short one, I can´t stop wearing it! I really love it,even though I kind of look like an 12-year old. I put these few studds on by myself, so I sort of diy-ed it to make it more "me". 

Black and white combinations are a very safe way to improve your styling, because you cant really go wrong.. a lot. So I thought about making the classy monochrome look, a little more "teenager-friendly". Well, this is what I ended with.

I like black and white cords a lot, but I didn´t want it to look depressive, so I added a teenage-touch to it. I think the print on this crop top is very playfull and adds a lot of interest onto the whole look. And you can´t go wrong with wearing a black beanie, even in summertime! I love how effortless an outfit can look, just by putting on a beanie. In my opinion, it makes you look a lot more edgy istantly!!!
But this is just my way of styling the classic " black and white" combi.

Overall - Pimpkie
Crop Top(borrowed from a friend) - Primark
Beanie - H&M
Shoes - Converse

How do you rock an black n´white outfit?
Leave it in the comments!

Jul 28, 2014

Waterproof Makeup

So since it´s summer you probly be going to the pool or the beach alot. Apart from this you are sweating and your face is very disgusting and gross( Ok I should probly stop talking..) So my ponit is: If you don´t want your makeup to drown downwards on your face, you´ve got to use waterproof makeup.
But with the fact that it´s summer, light makeup is like essential. I hate putting on a ton of makeup when it´s hot, cause your face just gets super cakey.
But this is what I used on a hot day when I went to the pool.

If you want a makeup tutorial on my channel let me know :)
What do you guys wear to the pool?