Aug 11, 2014

Taking over Berlin

On sunday the 10th of August, I arrived in the capital of this loevly country called Germany. I went with my mum, and like a typical adult, she wanted to visit the "Typical sights" first. I wanted to see them too, even though I would rather climb a roof and watch artists. But, well, here you have some pictures of the "Brandenburger Tor", the "Fernsehturm" and the "Reichstag". We didn´t go into the Reichstag, because you ahd a two hour long waiting time in the endless qeue. But maybe on wednesday, we´ll try again.
I liked the Brandenburger Tor alot, even though there were loads of people. It was pretty big, way bigger than I though I would be. But since the weather way very nice, I could take some great photos.

After visiting "Tourist Berlin" I wanted to see a little bit of the other parts this city had. Berlin is a city for hipsters. Loads of people who are dressed very indie walk around the graffitied streets. I love this grunge atmosphere a lot. I would dress indie if I could, and if it would suit me. Maybe I´ll do a post on grunge looks soon.
Since we live in Kreuzberg, the alternate borough of Berlin, we have a lot of awesome street art around. I´ll do a whole post on this either.
In most of the souvenirshops you can get huuge posters of the famous graffities. And let me tell you : They´re pretty amazing. I couldn´t take a photo of them, copyright you know, but if you google " Berlin street art" you´ll find the most famous ones. I personally like the one with the ATAT´s fom Star Wars.

Stay tuned for the next part of my "Berlin series"

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  1. Gran lugar! Muy buen post.