May 24, 2014

Spring Favourites

So, after a couple of weeks of "not-posting-anything-dom", I finally found time to show you my SPRING FAVOURITES *yaay*

1. Parfume: Escada "CHERRY IN THE AIR"
This is just the perfect scent for spring/summer! It literally smells like fresh cherries! If you like sweet fruity scents this is perfect for you, and you should definetly try it!

2. Face wash: Neutrogena "VISIBLY CLEAR"
I´ve purchased this product for the third time now, and I still love it! It has a creamy concistency and tiny peel pearls. The only thing bad about it is that it´s white and you have to rinse several times to get it completely off your face. But altogether it´s a great every-day face wash.

3. Dry shampoo: Batiste "CLEAN AND CLASSIC ORIGINAL"
Since the weather is getting warmer, your hair is more likely to get damaged, because of the sun. So I try to not wash it every day to avoid extra damage. Luckily, my hair isn´t that oily, but if it needs a little touch-up, I use this spray dry shampoo. It absorbs oils quite well (I I have some ) and gives you a little volume. It leaves a white stain on your hair, so you have to really gently comb it out. Next time I´ll get the brown tinted dry shampoo they also have in their line :)

4. Mascara: Qlinique "Lash doubling mascara"
My Maybelline mascara died, so I had to go back to one of my old favourites. This mini-mascara is awesome! It really lenghtens your lashes like crazy! But you have to be careful not to get spider lashes with this, because it easily sticks them together.

5. Toner: Lush "TEA TREE WATER"
You may or may not have seen my "Mini cosmetics Haul", where I talked about this already. So, lately  I´ve been running out of it, so I had to buy another one. I love Lush products in general, but mostly I´ve been using their bath bombs, until I tried this spray toner. It´s really great and cleansing! And it really comes in handy, because you don´t necessarily need a cotton pad (although I like using one mostly). You can just spray it onto you face and voíla!

6. Body wash: Taylor Swift "WONDERSTRUCK"
I´ve wanted this parfume for ages and now my mom gifted the body wash to me. It smells like heaven! Its concistensy is a bit to thick in my opinion, but apart from this it´s amazing! I really like the Taylor Swift scents, "Entchanted" also smells really nice!

7. Nailpolish: Yves Rocher " BLEU NACRÉ"
I`m totally in love with this color! In my opinion, it´s perfect for spring and summer! It reminds me a lot of the color of the sky on a nice summer day :) It is very thick, so one coat is enough to get the exact color. It´s very small, so I think I need to go and get another one soon.

For fashion faves, those thights are my love:

I´ve seen thights similar to those on tumblr a lot, and developed cravings...
My stepmum got them for me when she was in London´s Primark :D
They´re just so supercute, I mean they have kitten faces on them!!! *_*

And my food favourite is:

This is like the best invetion since the internet! It´s a Chai tea from David rio called"Tiger Spice". It tastes like christmas, I swear! You can mix it with hot or cold milk or water, or you do it like me and mix it into your coffe^^ It tasted awesome like this, because it has creamer in it, so it adds a very unique taste to your coffe. I´ve also made "Chai Frappé"! You just have to put a few tablespoons of this in your blender, together with a cup of milk and two cups of crushed ice :)
Even though this stuff is super expensive, I got the XXL tin of it, for about 10 Euros(Or 5 pounds, or 20$, whatevs), because I JUST FREAKING LOVE IT!
My stepmum bought me these today *_*

And my favourite TV Show has to be :

I´ve watched generation 1+2 two times now, and still can´t accept the fact that it´s over. I´ll watch Pure Rise and Fire soon!
If you don´t know it, you really should watch it, because it´s so super awesome! It´s about a group of teenagers which are dealing with several problems and just growing up in general. Every two seasons, the people change, so it never get´s boring! I swear, this show is just one of the most adorable TV Shows there ever was!

That´ll all for now, thanks for reading :)