Sep 30, 2012


 Hey, here´s our first fashionpost!
Haily is on the right pic and I´m on the left.

What I´m wearing:                          
T-Shirt: Tally Weijl                                  What Haily is wearing:
Trousers: Tally Weijl                                Sweatshirt:Tally Weijl
Hat: Bijou Brigitte                                    Trousers: Tally Weijl
Sweater: H&M                                           Scarf: Madonna
Shoes: Converse Chucks

Hope you like it ^^ 
See ya next time ♥ 
~ Abby~

Sep 29, 2012

Welcome ♥

Welcome to our new Blog!!! 

Hey everybody out there,
My name is Abby and my little sister Haily, who is going to admin this blog too, is sitting next to me.
If you´ve got time, please check out our daily blogs about Fashion
 (!Dont miss our style specials!), How to........´s, literature 
(like books n´poetry), miscellaneous stuff
aaaaand our band diary!!! 
Yes, you can read a weekly report about how we get forward (with every embarrassing detail!). And maybe we upload some soundfiles soon =)  
Love & Greetings
 Abby n´Haily ♥