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Hey guys :D
Welcome to the second EP of my "Worth the hype"-Line. This time it´s the Tangle Teezer. Everyone had been raving about this little baby for so so long. And I  *being a retard* finally got one too :D So I want to review it.
♥Teezes tagles like a fairy                     
♥Leaves your hair feeling very soft     
♥I´ts very handy, because it´s so tiny 
•Bit expensive                                         
•Has nothing to grab on                        
•Looks like a horsebrush                  :D
I like it a lot, and I got it for my birthday, so I didn´t have to pay :D
See ya :3
XOXO Sophie 


                             Right picture(from left to right): Peach Kiss; Cherry me; Hydrate
Today I want to show you something, which you probably already know. They´ve been raved about the last months. Yes, it´s time to take a look on the Maybelline Baby Lips!
So many people have been talking about them, and said they´re amazing. But are they really worth the hype? Let´s find out!!!

In General:


♥Nice feeling on the lips
♥Softens your lips           
♥Awesome scents           

   • Slighley expensive         
                       • Colors don´t last all day long          


  • Peach Kiss: It´s a nudy shade,which give a little tiny bit   of peachy color. It moistruizes quite well and smells amazing!!!
  • Cherry me: This one gives the most color out of this three.It´s a very pretty and shiny pink cherry tone. The moisture is not as well as Peach Kiss or Hydrate.
  • Hydrate: As its name already says, it´s very hydrating. It gives the most moisture out of all three. It has an amazing citrus scent,but poorly it has no color.

Hope you enjoyed the first episode of "Worth the hype?" :D
Coming soon : #2 -Tangle Teezer


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