Oct 4, 2012

How to make a Marble cake

Hello again ^^
I made a marble cake and I wantet to post a instruction.
So.. here is it ;) Have fun!

You need:

4 eggs
8 oz butter
1 sachet vanilla sugar
16 oz flour
1 sachet baking powder
a bit milk
4-5 tbsp cocoa

1.: Mix the sugar with the eggs, the vanilla sugar and the butter until well combined:


2.: Now add the flor, the baking powder and the milk an mix it again:


3.: Divide the batter into two equal parts and add the cocoa powder to one of them and mix it: 


4.: Grease a cake pan and put the light batter into the pan. Cover with the dark batter and marble it with a fork:

5.: Bake at 347°F for 1 hour:

Now it´s ready =D

Enjoy! ♥

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