Dec 2, 2013

Fall Faves and a HUGE Thank you!!!

Hey guys :D
First up, I want to thank you. Last week I hit 50 followers :D I know this is really not much, but I´m still happy as a unicorn. So thanks guys, love you so so much xxx

Fall Faves :
Favourite things to burn 

I really liked this scents from Yankee Candle. These are just the samplers, but you can get the big ones online and instore too. 

Favourite TV-Show

This is the first season´s cover. Actually the third season called "Coven" is airing at the moment. But I just liked the first season most. If you are into creepy stuff this is perfect for you. It´s definetly worth to check it out!!!


The thirs season of AWKWARD is airing too:D I have always loved the show since it started and Jenna(the main character) changed a lot. It´s a funny school/teen/drama show. And it´s awesome!!!

Favourite view

 Skyline at nighttime *_*

Favourite DIY

By the fact, I´ve been obsessed with American Horror Story, I wanted to diy this sweater I found on Tumblr(topline;left)
Thats my version of it, combined with a denim jacket and also self knitted scarf :)

Short note: The following pictures aren´t mine, they belong to their owners on Tumblr: The 2 American Horror Story pictures, The Awkward picture, the AHS-sweater)
That´s all, thanks again guys!!!
See ya <3

PS: Check out my Youtube Channel(Here is my Common White Girl Tag)!!!! 

Link in my last post ;)


  1. Love yankee candles so much <3

    Ina :*

  2. Yankee candles are so lovely! I love the fluffy towels scent.