Dec 10, 2013

Review: Midnight Memories

Unless you´ve been living under a rock, you already heard, that the incredible One Direction realeased their third album, which is called "Midnight Memories". So let´s start with reviewing :)

1. Best song ever

After watching the video(which actually has nothing to do with what they are singing :O) I was already in love with this song. It´s very catchy and easy to remind.

Fave quote:"And her daddy was a dentist-Harry

Nice information Harold ;)

2. Story of my life

Quite deep. Wanna see a reaction video of mine to the video? Go check this link Click meee!!!


I love this song so so much, especially the short, but cool intro. The lyrics are so sweet :D

4.Midnight Memories

Ok, can we just talk about how badass the beginning sounds until the guitarbreak comes which sounds like Rainbows & Cotton candy? But I quite like how the whole album is full of strong guitar sounds.I can already imagine Niall working that guitar at their next performance!!! And woaaaah, I think this was the first time they swore in a song. Guuuuys!

 5. You&I

Nearly every musician has written a song called like this by now. And now it´s 1D´s turn. It´s one of the slow songs of the album I like. But there aren´t many. But it´s kinda(don´t kill me) boring if you listen to it too often. But Zayn´s high note  in the bridge almost killed me :O

6.Don´t forget where you belong

The intro sounds like "I got a feeling" by the Black eyed peas. I think this song is quite ok, but I don´t like it that much.Except for Nialls solo at the beginning *_*.......Niall...

7. Strong   

Quite the same with Don´t forget where you belong. It´s ok but not overwhelming or something.

8. Happily

I totally love this song. It´s very cheering me up and I always have the urge to dance when I listen to public.. *screams*

9.Right now

My favourite slow song of the album. I think it´s very sweet and even a little sad. I sometimes call it the wolfsong because of the "awhoooo" they do at the chorus. Anyway, its very calming. Likeee!

10.Little black dress

Again, an awesome guitar part! Makes me want to grab my guitar and join in. Kinda dirty :O but I like the guys when they get a little naughty *grin*

11.Through the dark

Cute! My top description would be cute. I´m sorry, I know I´m awesome in describing :D Very cool acoustic sound, love it!

12. Something great

I think this would be my un-favourite of the album. I´m sorry but I think it´s quite boring ._.

13.Little white lies

By far my favourite of the whole album! It´s totally feaking me out and makes me going crazy. Dunno why I´m telling you this..kinda embarrassing. Anyways, this song is totally dirty...You guys went crazy..O.o But I love Nialls pre-chorus solo so so much!!! And the drum/bass part in the first real chorus(not the beginning) is totally awesome!!! Loooove it!

Fave quote: Let´s stop pretending, that you don´t know, what I don´t know just what we came to do..-Zayn

*grins again*

14. Better than words

Reminds me of summer and the beach and stuff, i don´t exactly know why( Maybe because of the whisteling in the intro :D) I like the song very much, it sounds quite funny :)

Fave quote: You make me wanna-tzzzzzzz- one more night - Niall

So, my conclusion on the album would be:
All in all, cool songs, might a bit dirty, but awesome. One Direction is chaging a lot recently. Their songs get more rocky and the lyrics(still only about girls&love, don´t you get tired of this?) went a little to the naughty side ;)
I really recommend this album if you are into happy, rocky music with cute lyrics :D And anyways, who doesn´t love One Direction :)?
Thank you guys, for reading, and don´t forget to check out my reaction video to "Story of my Life" :D

 Click me I´m a link ;)


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  1. I've actually never heard most of the songs by 1D, but I like the couple that I've heard! And I think Harry is super cute! Following your blog now ♥