Feb 5, 2013

05.02.13- New Tally Weijl Collection Obsession

How are you guys doing?
I went to Tally Weijl yesterday, but  I didn´t bought anything because I forgot my money  : ( 
( Yeah, I know I´m totally stupid) But I saw some things I GO FOR AND IM GONNA GETTING THESE EVEN IF ITS THE LAST THING IM DOING!!! Some of you maybe can´t understand why but I´m totally in love with them
I looking forward to saturday , the next time i can go shopping : D
First thing im crazy for is this shirt:

Sorry for the bad quality, but i wasn´t able to take a proper pic of it, because the staff member kept looking akwardly at me.
The shirt says: I ♥ Pink
And under the writing theres a moustache: D I know there was a huge MOUSTACHEBOOM and I have to confess:  I was also grabbed by it ...LOOOL NO JOKE!!!

When I got it I´ll show it again and properly : D

Next thing was this shorts: 
They´ve got polka dots on ém and I think this is sooooo cute *__* My pic was horrible so I had to take a photo of the Tally Weijl website( I DO NOT OWN THIS PIC; ALL RIGHTS GO TO TALLY WEIJL) : http://www.tally-weijl.com/collection/products/show-subcategory/articles/subcategory/shorts/article/19992.html
Mabye it´s a little too cold for it now, but in summertime it must be great : D

Soo that was another pointless post  of me : D
Sorry for the pics beeing upside down ; (
Love ya ♥
~ Abby~


  1. hi !! thx for your comment !!
    your blog is so sweet !!Would you like to follow each other? i follow you :)

    1. We are following you, I really like your blog it seems so cute : D
      Thanks for checking out our blog ♥
      Abby ^^

  2. this is such a sweet blog, just came across you girls.

    1. Thank you very much : D Love you guys ♥
      XOXO Abby : 3

  3. Omg I love your Blog and I love the shirt too<3