Feb 2, 2013


Hey guys : D,
Seems like some people discovered our blog.
When I saw the few comments I was like : YAAAAAY!!!

I updated my iTunes-Playlist a few days ago. I bought some new tracks that I´m loooooooving!!! Now I´m sitting on my sofa and play them on repeat. Here´s a list of my favorite songs at the moment( even though most of them are old, I still like them very much : 3)
♥ Smile -Avril Lavigne-
She´s not afraid - One Direction-
♥ Holiday -Green day-
♥ Nobody compares - One Direction-
♥ Electric Angel - Miku Hatsune-
♥ All the way up -Emily Osment-
Truly madly deeply - One Direction-
Top secret - Miku Hatsune-
♥ Pumped up kicks -Foster the people-
♥ Feeling good - Cover of Carly Rose Sonenclar-

Please tell me: What are youre favorite songs at the moment?

See ya
~ Abby~    

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